Would you let digit assistance (Alexa) advise you in your love life or relationships?

Alexa: is my relationship headed for splitsville?

New study says digital assistants can predict outcome of relationships and marriages

Alexa: is my relationship headed for splitsville?
(Jackson, Sarah)

A new study by Imperial College Business School says in-home listening devices will soon be able to judge if a relationship is happy and healthy or on the rocks.

The devices will listen to conversations and arguments and will then give advice or suggest ways to resolve any issues.

Researchers say by 2021 these digital assistants, using artificial intelligence, will be able to predict with 75 percent accuracy whether a relationship or marriage is going to be successful.

So how does money play into all of this? Another new study, this one by Merrill Edge, is breaking down the number one thing people look for in a partner and surprisingly it’s not love.

Fifty-six percent of Americas say they would rather have someone who provides financial security, even if that means they are not head over heels in love.

Single parents who earn less than 75,000 a year say having a partner who isn’t financially responsible is the number one reason they aren’t married

You tell.

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