Will the KKK be wearing MAGA hats?

KKK plans official Super Bowl protest rally at nearby Confederate memorial

The group of “white nationalists and white supremacists” includes the Ku Klux Klan and other groups, according to the paper.

Organizers had their application for a “pro-white” event rejected but will push forward anyway.

“To hell with their permit. The Constitution is our permit,” white nationalist Michael Weaver said of the February 2 rally. “We move forward. We aren’t going to be discriminated against because you don’t like our views.”

The organizing group had previously staged a “white power” rally at the Stone Mountain site, which is the “Confederate Mount Rushmore.” About two dozen white power activists showed up and were met by hundreds of counter-demonstrators who ended up clashing with police.

A local antifascist group has already pledged to meet the white nationalists head-on.

“Anyone who is going to go out and wave KKK paraphernalia in the South and at Stone Mountain, they are going to be challenged,” said the anti-fascist leader.

The Super Bowl will be held at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta on Sunday, February 3.

You tell.

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