​If ​terrible umpire Angel Hernandez really wants to gain traction for his lawsuit against Major League Baseball, he should probably not make ​repeated mistakes on the game’s biggest stage.

But hey, his call.

Hernandez has alleged in the past that he’s failed to receive promotions within the game due to discrimination, but the much-maligned ump somehow still found himself front and center for the MLB’s marquee contest, Game 3 of Yankees-Red Sox. But following three egregious mistakes at first base, each worse than the last, Hernandez was nowhere to be seen postgame to defend himself.

Jeff Passan


Angel Hernandez declined to talk postgame. MLB issued a statement through a spokesman:

“There were several very close calls at first base tonight, and we are glad that instant replay allowed the umpiring crew to achieve the proper result on all of them.”

Thankfully, none of the missed calls ended up deciding the game; Hernandez was simply overmatched, floating in a sea of his own nonsense, as he always does.

But to not even show up after the contest proves he knew exactly how terrible this exercise looks for his overall “case” and that his final leg to stand on may have been felled on national television.

Jeff Passan


Only one thing was worse than the Yankees in their biggest playoff defeat ever Monday: umpire Ángel Hérnandez. And as his discrimination lawsuit against MLB proceeds, it was clear Hérnandez was guilty of one thing: being awful at his job. Column: https://yhoo.it/2Pn0LBP 

You’ll forgive me if I lack sympathy, though. There are plenty among us who are both incompetent and highly unaware of their surroundings and the impact their decisions can make. Luckily, thanks to instant replay, Hernandez’s insidiousness has been somewhat neutralized.

His callousness, however, can never be undone by a video tape.