Isn’t that what the NFL gets for hiring a washed up band from the early 2000’s? Nobody wants to see that shit....

Fans Are Destroying Maroon 5 for Their Super Bowl Halftime Performance


So, Maroon 5 just performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. And, um….Twitter was NOT HAVING IT. Mostly because Adam Levine tried to dance with Travis Scott, and it was just too much for anyone with eyeballs to handle.

Much like the Little Engine that Could, Adam really did try his best, bless his heart. But the Twitter reaction to this performance is best described as savage. Here’s a sampling, for the purpose of LOLs:

Hannah Giorgis

adam levine looks like a human hollister cologne


Martellus Bennett

They invited Adam Levine to the barbecue and it’s not going as planned. He brought the potato salad with raisins in it.

RIP Maroon 5, tbh.

You tell.

Let us know what you think before the clock runs out.