Isn’t life hard when you have no acting talent and none of your fathers money?

Tori Spelling Ordered to Pay Over $88,000 in Credit Card Debt

Tori Spelling is no stranger to financial woes, but now we have an update on just how much damage has been done. Apparently, after ignoring her growing credit card bill for years, the star owes American Express tens of thousands of dollars, and she’s been ordered to pay that debt, ASAP.

Sadly, not many people have been sympathetic when it comes to the 90210 stars money troubles.

Tori Spelling has been ordered to pay American Express more than $88,000.

Us Weekly obtained documents that state Tori has to pay $88,246.55 after the “credit card company filed a writ of execution, a court order forcing a judgment.”

Tori’s personal finances have been a point of discussion for some time now. In January 2016 Amex sued the actress after she failed to pay more than $87,000 of credit card debt. That same year, Tori and her husband, Dean McDermott, were sued by City National Bank for $220,000 after failing to repay their loan. And if that’s not bad enough, Uncle Sam “drained” Tori and Dean’s bank account for the $707,487.30 they owed for 2014 taxes.

(Um, yikes.)

Some people feel bad for Tori and think this information shouldn’t have been made public.

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Although it comes with the territory of being a celebrity and starring on reality TV, these comments are right: Some things are private matters and shouldn’t be broadcast to the world.

Others think Tori actually has it pretty rough, given she grew up wealthy and perhaps didn’t learn how to properly manage money.

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In her 2013 memoir, Tori even addressed this, saying, “I grew up rich beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. I never knew anything else. Even when I try to embrace a simpler lifestyle, I can’t seem to let go of my expensive tastes. Even when my tastes aren’t fancy, they’re still costly.”

  • For the record, Candy Spelling has helped out Tori in the past — such as paying for the children’s schooling — but at some point, Tori needs to take responsibility for her own actions.

    On the other hand, if all that money is just there … 

    • Because Tori is in the public eye, we’re seen how she spends her cash.

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      Lavish parties, fancy vacations, etc. Tori doesn’t seem to have much of a budget.

      A few wondered why her mother, Candy Spelling, isn’t doing more.

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    • Still, many argued that um, hello, this is real life!
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    Everyone has to pay their bills. 

    This isn’t Monopoly money we’re using here.

    There has been some speculation, however, as to how she’s working to pay off this debt.

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    Even if Tori isn’t on The Masked Singer, she’s been working on a project with herBeverly Hills, 90210 costars. She’s bound to make a few bucks there!

    We’ll definitely be following this story. 

    Our thoughts go out to Tori, Dean, and their kids. Being in debt is never fun, and we’re hoping they can pay this back, ASAP, before it gets further out of hand.

You tell.

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