Code of Conduct

We're open to people's opinions, but make sure to follow these simple rules


Threats of any kind will not be tolerated. If you are found threatening another user we reserve the right to ban your use of this website. If you feel you are being threatened, please contact us here and we will look into your situation.

Spam or Advertising

We get it, sometimes you may want to share that cool thing you’re a part of by linking to it in the comments. In some cases this may be okay, but we reserve the right to modify or delete comments that contain links or advertisements. If we feel your comments don’t have a place in the discussion, it’s most likely going to be deleted or modified. Just use your best judgement here.

Hate Speech

Everyone has different opinions and with a blog like this, people are bound to disagree. However, hate speech is not tolerated. This includes leaving comments that are racist, homophobic or just hateful in general toward individuals or groups of people.

Personal Attacks

Don’t call each other names, harass or bully people in the comments section. Again, we reserve the right to delete or modify your comments to remove attacks against people.

Stay On Topic

Please keep discussions on topic. Because our discussions are limited to 24 hours, it doesn’t help to go off topic and start talking about something that is not related – even if you think it might be. Answer the question, leave your thoughts and debate.

Personal Information

Please don’t post anyones personal information without their consent. Users are allowed to use an alias (a fake name) on this website if they wish. If people decide to use their real name, it’s okay to call them by their real name. Just don’t post peoples phone number, email address or anything that might make the person identifiable if they do not with to be identified or contacted.


These are just the basics. We may modify this page as time goes on. Also, please take a look at our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.